Packing List for the Coachella First-timer

So you’re going to your first camping music festival! It’s so much fun to be surrounded by music, art, and beautiful people for a whole weekend. Part of the experience is to camp and I highly recommend it. There are options to camp on the grounds or in nearby Airbnbs!

This packing list will highlight the essentials for the ladies that want to bring their fashion A-game, but also love to camp.


:For Comfort:

Sunscreen SPF 70 (at least 70)

Face sunscreen

Epsom salt/foot bath/Biofreeze foot rub (standing all day can = achy feet, be ready for the next day by giving your feet a little spa treatment)

Eye mask (ear plugs if you’re sensitive to sound)

Comfy shoes

Pain killers (in case of back pain)

Eye drops (if your eyes tend to get dry)

Spritzy fan (if you get hot easily)

:For Cleanliness:

Dry shampoo (gives your scalp a refreshing uplift)

Baby wipes (good smelling makeup remover is nice too)

Toothbrush/regular toiletries

Lotion (it’s really dry in the desert)

Bandana (to keep the sand out of your face, not necessary, but nice to have in case it’s windy)

Deodorant (plz)

Towel (in case you shower ;))

Extra underwear (because safety first – don’t wanna be stuck in the middle of the desert without underwater…)


:For Fashion:

Flash tattoos and glitter (you have to go all out – get creative!)

Variety of hair ties (for both fashion purposes and practical purposes. You gotta bring your hair A-game to match the banging outfit you put together, but you also need to keep sand and sweat from getting tangled in your hair. I always tie my hair up in braids for the whole weekend, only taking it down for dry shampoo sesh and to change up the style. This keeps the hair from getting too oily and tangled.)

:For the Festival:

Registered wristband (for obvious reasons…there’s a hefty fee for not having your wristband on)

A plan on who you want to see (there are too many artists, lots of distance to walk between stages and a lot of acts overlapping, so have an idea on who you want to prioritize, so you know where to be at what time)

Water bottle/bladder or camelback (SO IMPORTANT. You’re in a desert, hydrate accordingly. There are free water refill stations throughout the grounds, make sure to use them.)

Picnic blanket (you can sit anywhere on the grounds, but who wants a dirt on their flowy white maxi dress? Not me.)

Portable charger/regular charger (for all the Instagramming and Snapchatting, you’ll inevitably be doing. There are outlets throughout the grounds)

Cash (~$50, credit card is accepted, but some merch or food stands may not accept credit)

Backpack (as small as possible)

Sunglasses or hat (hat’s can be annoying to carry if you don’t want to wear it, but it’ll keep the sun from your face)

Jacket/Cardigan (for warmth at night)

:For the Campsite:

(Check out your local university’s rec program to see if they have cheap camping rentals)

Cooler (get ice on the way into your campsite – it’ll be much cheaper than just buying it on the grounds)

Sleeping bag and pad or air mattress (the sleeping pad and air mattress are clutch. It makes it so much easier to sleep)


Breakfast/Lunch (you’ll save a lot of money if you eat most of your meals at the campsite)

TP (there’s not guarantee there’ll be enough for everyone, might as well bring your own)

Shade (look into canopies or beach umbrellas!)


Chairs/Table (table for the food, chairs for your tired bum)

Speakers (to get the party started early)

Leave a comment on what necessities you bring to festivals!


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